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X69 [Jul. 9th, 2015|10:47 pm]
Well... I can't remember much of the detail now but in this I was back in Pinetown or a city similar to it.

Going into the main town, I was near the postal office and for some reason I met this guy... not sure who he is.

He had dark hair and stunning eyes and yet... for the life of me he wore something similar to a top hat and drove a horse-drawn carriage (had a decent suit on as well). Well it was the image I saw in my mind, but in fact I was meeting up with him and strangely... it felt so comfortable when I slipped my arms around his waist as he pulled me close. I don't know who he is or where he lives, but I know he is out there somewhere.
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Children 2 [Jun. 21st, 2015|05:45 pm]
Well the date is set. I did tell him though and for once it was nice to just sit and laugh and talk about the fact that we made a kid even though we are not keeping it. Was fun and comforting. :) He was proud as well when I talked about it yesterday and for once I didn't feel that bad about the idea of having kids. Maybe its just him, maybe its only him that I will consider it with. But now isn't the right time.
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Children [Jun. 13th, 2015|11:12 am]
Well being pregnant is kind of weird. A good thing I don't want kids.
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Unequilibrium [Apr. 22nd, 2015|12:41 am]
I am trying to understand them...  I really am. Or no... I used to understand them but now I don't.

 And for your information... the test has not worked. You know this and I know this. The one thing you didn't count on is me... appearing in this world/dimension.
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X68 [Apr. 20th, 2015|05:50 pm]
So this morning I had a dream or should I say... a memory... some detail I have lost by now but I have remembered most of it.

I was on my way somewhere? Gosh knows where... but this planet I was inbound for... well something happened to the ship I was in.

Long story short... our ship crash landed in the ocean. As the ship sank the water breached weak areas and I tried to escape... rather unsuccesfully.

Me and... well..  how should I describe this companion life form? I have no idea... she... yes, she... was tiny... and my companion. Not sure in what capacity because all I remember was the panic and trying to escape.... and then water... drowning...

Then my vision shifted as if I saw myself in third person as the ship sank into the depths of the ocean and I tried to get to the surface... but I drowned... or so I thought I did until...

Well... a whale saved me. I assume its a whale.. as it was large, but not too large. Couldn't make it out... but it took me into his mouth... and strange enough... it saved me.

All I remember after that is waking up on land with no memory of how I got there and realising it saved me. I was grateful in many ways.

And the dream ended.
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Difference. [Feb. 26th, 2015|03:34 am]
There is always a difference in conversations between me and a normal person and me and someone like myself. The difference is I tend not to delve into subjects that deeply and enjoy listening to someone's theories and perceptions and experiences. A chance for me to observe. Nothing more.
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Mmm [Feb. 22nd, 2015|04:34 pm]
It seems I am stuck at just below 120 for my IQ. But then I saw I could see the answers and here is the kicker...

the one scrambled letters one which a person has to guess ocean, city or stuff... well sue me for not knowing every city in the world or remember every ocean offhand or anything... I don't make it my life to study geography even though I enjoyed it.

And the math one... today I selected a different one to see if I had it somehow wrong but yesterday I was right with the answer.

The other math one which I guessed yesterday as well was right. But for the life of me I can't figure it out.

So end result... 144 IQ... but only if I take into consideration ones I did right yesterday and picked wrong today.

Otherwise average intelligence at 110 :) No time pressured though. With time pressured on another test... 106 -__-

Now... IQ isn't everything and here is why...

If I set to the task of doing memory games...constantly use my mind in trying to understand math and reasoning and spatial problems... then achieving over 140 would be a breeze.

All it means is that people with high IQ has the capability of remembering.

The test with 106 for me said as much... I am terrible at remembering large amounts of data. I think slower too.

So as a human I suck... and will stick with my initial noobie test of 45 intelligence.

According to remembering and books/mathematics... I am shit.

According to life... the universe and understanding people... I retain infinite particles of memory... sorry for not being able to be human intelligent. This body was not designed for that. The more capable you are as a human being in life... to do exactly as the system wants you to do... the worse off you are. The more you understand yourself... the universe at large and everything around you... the quicker you realise that your human memory means nothing in comparison. If a dog can be taught tricks and a monkey can be taught to do things... do you think you are any different?

So my observations...

I have seen normal cleaners and people who do jobs that are nothing spectacular in society... can solve riddles and puzzles and understand math faster than most people. Their reasoning is amazing. In society they are the pillars of awesomeness... they understand they need to work and not once question anything as they have been taught from small how to behave, how to act and how to work in order to keep food on the table. To them... not working equates to lazyness... someone who isn't willing to be part of society.

When presented with solid evidence of their demise they will also dismiss it as 'stupid rumours' or that people are wrong... after all...they have been taught a certain way since birth. If society has existed for thousands of years this way then nothing can be wrong.

But that is where you fall short...

It is only natural for you to want to work. Your DNA has known nothing else.

But all you need in life is food, warmth, clothing and the ability to exist.

You do not need anything more than that. So why be a slave to a system when you don't need to be?

Live life. Do not let money dictate your life. If you give in to it, then you are already lost. You will die without understanding anything more than learned intelligence.

Oh... and the timed test said something I already knew for a very-long time...

I am brilliant in words and writing and understanding things from that perspective.
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IQ Tests [Feb. 22nd, 2015|03:30 pm]
So yesterday I did an IQ test... I always knew I was average or less than average but it shows you how less than average I really am when my first IQ showed me having an IQ of 45 lol.

So for all you geniuses out there... don't fret... I am no genius. I am ordinairy.

I don't have the answers to the IQ test though so I don't know which ones got right or wrong though...but the mathematical shit they made me do did my head in.

So like a brave trooper I went searching for another site.

I found another one and tried that one. This one had more mixed questions...not just mainly math related. So first try is 100 IQ. Fair enough. That is average according to studies.

But how many people can take the same test twice and instinctively know which ones I got wrong without knowing the answers?

I bet not many.

Second test I corrected two mistakes I made previously.

Because the test takes into consideration time spent on answers and of course the correct answer... then it's safe to assume that if I am trying to answer a test as quickly as possible... I will get quite a few wrong. Give me enough time to figure out a solution... then I will do it.

Just because I am slower... doesn't mean my answers are any less valid.

My second test was 109. Still stressing about time though.

Now this will be interesting... if I do the test today and disregard time completely... will I get most of them right?

Let's find out.
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X67 [Feb. 22nd, 2015|03:19 pm]
Okay... okay.. so you got scared... reckoning that with my silver tongue I would persuade people about what is really happening in this world?

And come'on...let's face it. I don't care to let humanity know. Those who listen will listen and those who don't... well they will say I am mad. So for this dream... it was uncalled for. Very much so. I am no hero... but the one or two people in life that will heed my warning, is the people I will save. Note: Not thousands or hundreds... one or two. So threatening me won't help. I am not your enemy.

Right X67

In my dream I was talking to a female friend. Yes, someone I knew and recently became friends with- in the dream of course. So my fascination with stars was the subject of discussion and she surprised me by saying that she bought a telescope. Quite a big one... something I could use to look at the stars. I was excited as she uncovered the telescope in her apartment and we walked towards the balcony as she started to set it up. It took both of us as it was a massive thing.

As we fastened the telescope to the mounting pod she had, I looked over at the night sky, the moon, the stars near and then saw my favorite star Sirius. With the naked eye of course. Once she was finished, she looked through the telescope, but I wanted to have a better look at my favorite star and asked if I could have a peek. She was talking about something but as I glanced down and back up I noticed that the moon was obscured...by a round object roughly the same size as the moon. From our perspective that is. The outer edges of the moon was visible though and I looked back at my friend and asked her to look at that. I was saying something along the lines of... 'what is that, it wasn't there a minute ago...' when she left the telescope and straightened up- looking to me as if puzzled. She said something but its like I didn't hear as my eyes went back to the moon and I realised that all of a sudden the dark round object was getting bigger from my perspective and bigger. I guess because it was evening my field of vision was slightly off as seconds later it was pure instinct as I turned and grabbed her hand, yanking her towards me as a big, round ball of rock? Hit the the balcony and smashed through the wall of her apartment and straight into the apartment. She was in shock and I was in shock and as I glanced back another object moved from the moon... it was like the moon but not the moon as it came close to us and started gunning for us... as in aiming for us. I grabbed her and we barely made it inside as we dashed into the hallway and into another room. I could see the light emitting from this thing as it scanned-searched for us... and I was frantically trying to think of how to escape this thing...

and my dream ended.

-------------------------------> Now in what world was that called for? I do not have dreams like this -EVER- and you show me this... if I have pissed you off then I am sorry... but seriously... you know that I am talking directly to you and I will tell you this... I may not be of your race... but you have no right to threaten me. Yes.. you may kill this body... that you may do. But I exist none the less- so don't fuck with me.
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Destruction [Feb. 21st, 2015|09:00 pm]
See what a 33 feet tsunami does...

now imagine a 200-250 feet tsunami and what mayhem it will cause.
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I am sad [Feb. 17th, 2015|02:36 am]
Sad for this race and what they will suffer.

I am glad what will come to pass as its necessary but sad overall. It feels like my heart is breaking into a million pieces.
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Not bad... [Feb. 17th, 2015|12:46 am]
Most of the population will get wiped out.

Maybe I am a terrible human being for grinning over this revelation, but now I have to turn my thoughts to the winds of destruction. Countering winds of about 300-400 miles an hour is excessive and I can see how normal structures will get ripped apart. I mean normal common logic dictates that an upright structure like a house or a building will not survive that madness. Any massive building won't.

However... here is where my amazing mind comes into play....

We can build a dome-like structure that will survive that first onslaught. Most governments have been building underground for the rich and famous and those they feel they need to protect. But for the rest of us there will be no savior.

Yes, my kind may feel inclined to save people of the earth, but that would take a lot of massive ships. Who knows...maybe the population can sustain it but it doesn't mean they can sustain us in the long run as their planet is different to ours.

The few areas that will not be submerged under the water will not hold a lot of people. So now I have to wonder... even if this happens in my life time, I can save myself as some miles away I have access to Northumberland Park which sits comfortable over a 1000 feet above sea level. That means as long as we receive warning in time, I can get there and can survive the massive gravitational pull that will happen. But it depends how strong this country is and I still have to counter the winds of destruction. It may just be worth it to build underground for now since that way I can at least say I will have a chance of survive that gravitational pull which will annihilate everything really above ground.

And the sea level will raise by 675 feet over a period of two years... *sighs* Life will definitely change. But such are the events to come. I wish everyone luck as our children- if we have any- will be the ones that suffer the most.

It's the reason I have never wanted kids. I already knew for a long time what will happen. I just didn't think it will be this destructive.

All coastal cities will be gone all across the world. No one can survive a 200-250 feet tidal wave.

This heavenly body of destruction has been foretold during the ages. The only difference is that like all heavenly bodies we are connected. I can feel it and as it gets closer, the rage burns more fiercely than ever to destroy everyone.

I feel sorry for you people.

If the destroyer passes the earth in my lifetime then most likely I will not survive. (The only reason I say this is because there is a good chance that it will be here before the actual predictions by people) I have already seen my death however my words above is in fact the only saving grace I will offer for those within the vicinity where I live. You know where you can head to save your lives... and just remember... I will return one day again, so tell all your future generations to pass on the tale of this destruction that will happen within the next 75 years. People will not get warned- trust me. There is no exact date or time but when the destroyer gets close, the signs will be there and you need to prepare yourself for death.

-----I am forever more the living sun- Destroyer of Worlds----
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My dreams are true [Feb. 16th, 2015|07:20 am]
675 feet above sea level and if in doubt... head west away from any sea level.
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Living Life [Feb. 11th, 2015|08:13 pm]
You know... how can I explain to the average reader that you need to come to full completion by living life?

Don't ever take your life over something as stupid as not getting any where in life... or killing yourself over lost love or the fact that people don't care about your creations or stuff or even because you are alone. Hell...you do and you go to my special kinda hell. That I promise you now. And that simply means you will be reborn again and again until you friggin understands what it means to live.

That is your torture.

That is your salvation.

However if you tell me you want to end your life because you have lived and is ready to ascend... then I welcome you with open arms. So dear reader... do not mistake my actions as someone who is depressed with life...but someone who enjoyed life to the fullest... time and time again.

I have lived, have you?
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Some months left [Feb. 11th, 2015|06:54 pm]
I need to create my art and write what I need to write in the next couple of months.

Then I can rest.

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classic saying [Feb. 3rd, 2015|08:24 pm]

So I am posting this here what I said to someone else:

"I don't hold onto anger. However... life's lessons... I love teaching people humility where appropriate. Anger on the other hand... the best thing is to get it out and over with. Then you can sit, plan and laugh evilly as you strategize your next move on the poor sod who pissed you off in the first place. And that isn't called anger... but constructive biodiversity for me. "

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New Life [Feb. 3rd, 2015|04:48 pm]
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X66 [Feb. 2nd, 2015|06:04 pm]
Meh... this morning I had like three dreams. But the one I will mention here is the tidal wave one.

In my dream I was in my house back in SA... and well... there was a warning... far far too late about the tidal wave. I remember going to window and even though our house is two storey's high... the wave was higher than that. I jerked awake just as the wave hit the house.

My heart was definitely pounding.
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I already know... [Jan. 31st, 2015|05:05 pm]
who I am. Don't need to remind me at every step and turn. I am just seeking my origin before my earthly origin if that makes sense. ><

LOL... I swear... I had a choice of buying some olives as I normally do and looked at a cheapish brand... thinking it was ace value from greece or something... based on the brand name. And now I realise where the name originates from. Damn you universe... :P

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x65 [Jan. 31st, 2015|05:19 am]
Yesterday I had another dream. This time the one thing that was clear is that America will suffer...an avalance of sorts. Not just a typical mountain type of avalance.

The destruction of this one was far-far greater.

I haven't checked the news to see if it has happened already or anything... but the time in this was normal modern day.

This happened near a coastal area somewhere though. As the rocks and boulders fell into the ocean of some sorts, it created waves about... 3-4 meters high? Not massive waves though, but enough to do damage as the waves swept outwards. Sort of across this coastal bay of some sorts... as that is what it looked like...there was this place... a restaurant or something? Not sure what it was but it was semi destroyed by the waves and further in the dream I was looking for a way out as the first waves were the inital minor ones... the bigger ones were coming and I remember looking for a helicopter of some sorts. There was this black one parked near this place ... or somewhere along there and I remember looking around for a pilot and that was it.

In the dream I was in the place when the initial waves struck. But as I said... not big at first.
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