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x65 [Jan. 31st, 2015|05:19 am]
Yesterday I had another dream. This time the one thing that was clear is that America will suffer...an avalance of sorts. Not just a typical mountain type of avalance.

The destruction of this one was far-far greater.

I haven't checked the news to see if it has happened already or anything... but the time in this was normal modern day.

This happened near a coastal area somewhere though. As the rocks and boulders fell into the ocean of some sorts, it created waves about... 3-4 meters high? Not massive waves though, but enough to do damage as the waves swept outwards. Sort of across this coastal bay of some sorts... as that is what it looked like...there was this place... a restaurant or something? Not sure what it was but it was semi destroyed by the waves and further in the dream I was looking for a way out as the first waves were the inital minor ones... the bigger ones were coming and I remember looking for a helicopter of some sorts. There was this black one parked near this place ... or somewhere along there and I remember looking around for a pilot and that was it.

In the dream I was in the place when the initial waves struck. But as I said... not big at first.