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Living Life [Feb. 11th, 2015|08:13 pm]
You know... how can I explain to the average reader that you need to come to full completion by living life?

Don't ever take your life over something as stupid as not getting any where in life... or killing yourself over lost love or the fact that people don't care about your creations or stuff or even because you are alone. Hell...you do and you go to my special kinda hell. That I promise you now. And that simply means you will be reborn again and again until you friggin understands what it means to live.

That is your torture.

That is your salvation.

However if you tell me you want to end your life because you have lived and is ready to ascend... then I welcome you with open arms. So dear reader... do not mistake my actions as someone who is depressed with life...but someone who enjoyed life to the fullest... time and time again.

I have lived, have you?