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Not bad... [Feb. 17th, 2015|12:46 am]
Most of the population will get wiped out.

Maybe I am a terrible human being for grinning over this revelation, but now I have to turn my thoughts to the winds of destruction. Countering winds of about 300-400 miles an hour is excessive and I can see how normal structures will get ripped apart. I mean normal common logic dictates that an upright structure like a house or a building will not survive that madness. Any massive building won't.

However... here is where my amazing mind comes into play....

We can build a dome-like structure that will survive that first onslaught. Most governments have been building underground for the rich and famous and those they feel they need to protect. But for the rest of us there will be no savior.

Yes, my kind may feel inclined to save people of the earth, but that would take a lot of massive ships. Who knows...maybe the population can sustain it but it doesn't mean they can sustain us in the long run as their planet is different to ours.

The few areas that will not be submerged under the water will not hold a lot of people. So now I have to wonder... even if this happens in my life time, I can save myself as some miles away I have access to Northumberland Park which sits comfortable over a 1000 feet above sea level. That means as long as we receive warning in time, I can get there and can survive the massive gravitational pull that will happen. But it depends how strong this country is and I still have to counter the winds of destruction. It may just be worth it to build underground for now since that way I can at least say I will have a chance of survive that gravitational pull which will annihilate everything really above ground.

And the sea level will raise by 675 feet over a period of two years... *sighs* Life will definitely change. But such are the events to come. I wish everyone luck as our children- if we have any- will be the ones that suffer the most.

It's the reason I have never wanted kids. I already knew for a long time what will happen. I just didn't think it will be this destructive.

All coastal cities will be gone all across the world. No one can survive a 200-250 feet tidal wave.

This heavenly body of destruction has been foretold during the ages. The only difference is that like all heavenly bodies we are connected. I can feel it and as it gets closer, the rage burns more fiercely than ever to destroy everyone.

I feel sorry for you people.

If the destroyer passes the earth in my lifetime then most likely I will not survive. (The only reason I say this is because there is a good chance that it will be here before the actual predictions by people) I have already seen my death however my words above is in fact the only saving grace I will offer for those within the vicinity where I live. You know where you can head to save your lives... and just remember... I will return one day again, so tell all your future generations to pass on the tale of this destruction that will happen within the next 75 years. People will not get warned- trust me. There is no exact date or time but when the destroyer gets close, the signs will be there and you need to prepare yourself for death.

-----I am forever more the living sun- Destroyer of Worlds----