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X67 [Feb. 22nd, 2015|03:19 pm]
Okay... okay.. so you got scared... reckoning that with my silver tongue I would persuade people about what is really happening in this world?

And come'on...let's face it. I don't care to let humanity know. Those who listen will listen and those who don't... well they will say I am mad. So for this dream... it was uncalled for. Very much so. I am no hero... but the one or two people in life that will heed my warning, is the people I will save. Note: Not thousands or hundreds... one or two. So threatening me won't help. I am not your enemy.

Right X67

In my dream I was talking to a female friend. Yes, someone I knew and recently became friends with- in the dream of course. So my fascination with stars was the subject of discussion and she surprised me by saying that she bought a telescope. Quite a big one... something I could use to look at the stars. I was excited as she uncovered the telescope in her apartment and we walked towards the balcony as she started to set it up. It took both of us as it was a massive thing.

As we fastened the telescope to the mounting pod she had, I looked over at the night sky, the moon, the stars near and then saw my favorite star Sirius. With the naked eye of course. Once she was finished, she looked through the telescope, but I wanted to have a better look at my favorite star and asked if I could have a peek. She was talking about something but as I glanced down and back up I noticed that the moon was obscured...by a round object roughly the same size as the moon. From our perspective that is. The outer edges of the moon was visible though and I looked back at my friend and asked her to look at that. I was saying something along the lines of... 'what is that, it wasn't there a minute ago...' when she left the telescope and straightened up- looking to me as if puzzled. She said something but its like I didn't hear as my eyes went back to the moon and I realised that all of a sudden the dark round object was getting bigger from my perspective and bigger. I guess because it was evening my field of vision was slightly off as seconds later it was pure instinct as I turned and grabbed her hand, yanking her towards me as a big, round ball of rock? Hit the the balcony and smashed through the wall of her apartment and straight into the apartment. She was in shock and I was in shock and as I glanced back another object moved from the moon... it was like the moon but not the moon as it came close to us and started gunning for us... as in aiming for us. I grabbed her and we barely made it inside as we dashed into the hallway and into another room. I could see the light emitting from this thing as it scanned-searched for us... and I was frantically trying to think of how to escape this thing...

and my dream ended.

-------------------------------> Now in what world was that called for? I do not have dreams like this -EVER- and you show me this... if I have pissed you off then I am sorry... but seriously... you know that I am talking directly to you and I will tell you this... I may not be of your race... but you have no right to threaten me. Yes.. you may kill this body... that you may do. But I exist none the less- so don't fuck with me.