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IQ Tests [Feb. 22nd, 2015|03:30 pm]
So yesterday I did an IQ test... I always knew I was average or less than average but it shows you how less than average I really am when my first IQ showed me having an IQ of 45 lol.

So for all you geniuses out there... don't fret... I am no genius. I am ordinairy.

I don't have the answers to the IQ test though so I don't know which ones got right or wrong though...but the mathematical shit they made me do did my head in.

So like a brave trooper I went searching for another site.

I found another one and tried that one. This one had more mixed questions...not just mainly math related. So first try is 100 IQ. Fair enough. That is average according to studies.

But how many people can take the same test twice and instinctively know which ones I got wrong without knowing the answers?

I bet not many.

Second test I corrected two mistakes I made previously.

Because the test takes into consideration time spent on answers and of course the correct answer... then it's safe to assume that if I am trying to answer a test as quickly as possible... I will get quite a few wrong. Give me enough time to figure out a solution... then I will do it.

Just because I am slower... doesn't mean my answers are any less valid.

My second test was 109. Still stressing about time though.

Now this will be interesting... if I do the test today and disregard time completely... will I get most of them right?

Let's find out.