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Mmm [Feb. 22nd, 2015|04:34 pm]
It seems I am stuck at just below 120 for my IQ. But then I saw I could see the answers and here is the kicker...

the one scrambled letters one which a person has to guess ocean, city or stuff... well sue me for not knowing every city in the world or remember every ocean offhand or anything... I don't make it my life to study geography even though I enjoyed it.

And the math one... today I selected a different one to see if I had it somehow wrong but yesterday I was right with the answer.

The other math one which I guessed yesterday as well was right. But for the life of me I can't figure it out.

So end result... 144 IQ... but only if I take into consideration ones I did right yesterday and picked wrong today.

Otherwise average intelligence at 110 :) No time pressured though. With time pressured on another test... 106 -__-

Now... IQ isn't everything and here is why...

If I set to the task of doing memory games...constantly use my mind in trying to understand math and reasoning and spatial problems... then achieving over 140 would be a breeze.

All it means is that people with high IQ has the capability of remembering.

The test with 106 for me said as much... I am terrible at remembering large amounts of data. I think slower too.

So as a human I suck... and will stick with my initial noobie test of 45 intelligence.

According to remembering and books/mathematics... I am shit.

According to life... the universe and understanding people... I retain infinite particles of memory... sorry for not being able to be human intelligent. This body was not designed for that. The more capable you are as a human being in life... to do exactly as the system wants you to do... the worse off you are. The more you understand yourself... the universe at large and everything around you... the quicker you realise that your human memory means nothing in comparison. If a dog can be taught tricks and a monkey can be taught to do things... do you think you are any different?

So my observations...

I have seen normal cleaners and people who do jobs that are nothing spectacular in society... can solve riddles and puzzles and understand math faster than most people. Their reasoning is amazing. In society they are the pillars of awesomeness... they understand they need to work and not once question anything as they have been taught from small how to behave, how to act and how to work in order to keep food on the table. To them... not working equates to lazyness... someone who isn't willing to be part of society.

When presented with solid evidence of their demise they will also dismiss it as 'stupid rumours' or that people are wrong... after all...they have been taught a certain way since birth. If society has existed for thousands of years this way then nothing can be wrong.

But that is where you fall short...

It is only natural for you to want to work. Your DNA has known nothing else.

But all you need in life is food, warmth, clothing and the ability to exist.

You do not need anything more than that. So why be a slave to a system when you don't need to be?

Live life. Do not let money dictate your life. If you give in to it, then you are already lost. You will die without understanding anything more than learned intelligence.

Oh... and the timed test said something I already knew for a very-long time...

I am brilliant in words and writing and understanding things from that perspective.