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X68 [Apr. 20th, 2015|05:50 pm]
So this morning I had a dream or should I say... a memory... some detail I have lost by now but I have remembered most of it.

I was on my way somewhere? Gosh knows where... but this planet I was inbound for... well something happened to the ship I was in.

Long story short... our ship crash landed in the ocean. As the ship sank the water breached weak areas and I tried to escape... rather unsuccesfully.

Me and... well..  how should I describe this companion life form? I have no idea... she... yes, she... was tiny... and my companion. Not sure in what capacity because all I remember was the panic and trying to escape.... and then water... drowning...

Then my vision shifted as if I saw myself in third person as the ship sank into the depths of the ocean and I tried to get to the surface... but I drowned... or so I thought I did until...

Well... a whale saved me. I assume its a whale.. as it was large, but not too large. Couldn't make it out... but it took me into his mouth... and strange enough... it saved me.

All I remember after that is waking up on land with no memory of how I got there and realising it saved me. I was grateful in many ways.

And the dream ended.